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Physiotherapy (FTL — physiotherapy treatment) is a method of treatment using physical or natural factors: electric current, magnetic field, light, sound, heat, etc. Physiotherapy is prescribed for a vast range of indications:

  • Pain syndrome after injuries and operations due to degenerative diseases of the joints, spine, muscles, etc.;
  • violation of muscle tone (spastic, hypotension);
  • paralysis;
  • circulatory disorders (local or systemic);
  • sensitivity disorders;
  • inflammatory diseases;
  • diseases of internal organs;
  • recovery after intense exercise;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • insomnia;
  • neurotic and depressive disorders.

Physiotherapy begins with an examination of the patient. During the first visit, the physiotherapist examines the results of medical research, conducts an examination, and talks with the patient. Please note that pelvic floor physical therapy is carried out only as prescribed by a doctor. This may be a neurologist, orthopedist, therapist, pediatrician, or psychotherapist.

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Physical therapy has a wide range of advantages and helps treat many different conditions. A lot of people are not aware of the benefits of physical therapy. A few common conditions This form of therapy helps with include headaches, pain within the lower back and vertigo. Read on to discover other ailments this therapy can help improve.

ACL Injuries

ACL injuries are common among athletes. According to research conducted by AAOS (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons), more than 150,000 athletes suffer from this injuries. Athletes who suffer from these injuries are often enrolled n the 3P program. This program focuses on exercises that strengthen the lower leg, knee and core part of the hip.Therapy can also benefit an injured individual by building and regaining strength within the muscles.

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Physiotherapy treatment is based on the therapeutic effect of natural or artificially created physical factors, such as light (phototherapy), temperature (infrared radiation, cryotherapy), electric currents, ultrasound, magnetic field, laser radiation, etc. Due to the influence of physical factors, inflammation in the tissues, swelling, and pain are eliminated, and blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues are improved.

Physiotherapeutic procedures have both a local effect on individual organs and areas of the body and a generally beneficial effect on the human body. Physiotherapy, as a rule, is prescribed in combination with other therapeutic and rehabilitation measures, but sometimes it can be specified as the primary treatment. Physical therapy does not cause side effects or allergic reactions. It is compatible with drug therapy and other treatment methods. However, only a physiotherapist can prescribe an effective and safe treatment regimen.

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Therapeutic exercise is one of the measures included in the complex medical rehabilitation measures. Adults and children can recover from injuries or serious illnesses thanks to physical exercise. In addition, without constant activity, it will not be possible to form a strong body and maintain health at the proper level throughout life. Exercise therapy is based on exercises to restore, support, and prevent injuries and diseases. At the same time, injuries can be physical, bodily, and psychological.

Therapeutic physical culture in case of illness: when is it recommended to carry out?

Physiotherapy exercises are helpful for almost all diseases and various injuries. In recent years, there has been a clear trend towards improving the methods of treating patients, which makes it possible to use the possibilities of exercise therapy more widely. Today, various exercises are prescribed to patients at the earliest stages of those diseases, in which even minimal physical activity was previously not allowed at all. For example, pelvic floor physical therapy helps women deal with the pain of various origins. Given the demand for exercise therapy today, new methods are being developed. In modern medicine, physiotherapy exercises are widely used in the following areas:

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Physiotherapy is designed to make life easier after surgery and improve health after injuries. Procedures help treat diseases, reduce the activity of different inflammatory processes and stimulate the body’s recovery capabilities. They can be aimed at eliminating contractures and restoring the body’s immune systems.

Physiotherapy appointment is strictly individual for each patient. The doctor selects the procedure based on the characteristics of the disease, age, and the condition of the patient’s body. 

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The weakening of the pelvic floor muscles entails many unpleasant consequences. These are involuntary urination, fecal incontinence, and constant pain in the perineum. The vagina becomes wide and loses sensitivity, and the quality of intimate life worsens. Women often face such problems after childbirth and who have entered the period of menopause.

In a woman’s body, there are pelvic floor muscles, the condition of which does not affect the appearance but can cause many diseases and disorders. These muscles support the pelvic organs (bladder, urethra, vagina, intestines), ensuring their proper functioning. It is impossible to pump up the powers of the pelvic floor in the gym. To solve such problems, clinic specialists have developed Pelvic floor physical therapy, which helps to eliminate not the symptoms but the cause of the disease.