How Physical Therapy Helps

Therapeutic exercise is one of the measures included in the complex medical rehabilitation measures. Adults and children can recover from injuries or serious illnesses thanks to physical exercise. In addition, without constant activity, it will not be possible to form a strong body and maintain health at the proper level throughout life. Exercise therapy is based on exercises to restore, support, and prevent injuries and diseases. At the same time, injuries can be physical, bodily, and psychological.

Therapeutic physical culture in case of illness: when is it recommended to carry out?

Physiotherapy exercises are helpful for almost all diseases and various injuries. In recent years, there has been a clear trend towards improving the methods of treating patients, which makes it possible to use the possibilities of exercise therapy more widely. Today, various exercises are prescribed to patients at the earliest stages of those diseases, in which even minimal physical activity was previously not allowed at all. For example, pelvic floor physical therapy helps women deal with the pain of various origins. Given the demand for exercise therapy today, new methods are being developed. In modern medicine, physiotherapy exercises are widely used in the following areas:

  • neurology;
  • neurosurgery;
  • traumatology;
  • orthopedics;
  • pediatrics;
  • clinic of internal pathologies;
  • after abdominal surgical operations;
  • gynecology and obstetrics;
  • oncology;
  • psychiatry and some other areas of medicine.

For each patient, an individual program is usually compiled, which helps him regain lost strength and health in a short time. Of course, a positive result can be achieved only when the exercises of therapeutic physical culture are chosen correctly, and only a qualified specialist can do this. 

The value of therapeutic physical culture

Life is constantly accelerating its rhythm. Therefore, people have to make a considerable number of movements to complete all the necessary things. Almost every person daily walks a lot, runs, drives a car, and does many other activities. Scientists have proven that people who regularly exercise therapy are three times less likely to suffer from cardiovascular pathologies.

Supporters of a healthy lifestyle live longer, which cannot be said about those who do not strive to maintain their bodies in good physical shape. Physical inactivity is the leading cause of many diseases, including diabetes, osteoporosis, and obesity. Low physical activity negatively affects the state of the immune system, reducing the protective barrier. Therefore, people who lead such a life are more susceptible to infections and negative external influences.

General exercise therapy is used to improve the whole body, and particular exercise therapy aims to enhance individual organs and systems. Physical exercises in physiotherapy exercises are divided into three groups: gymnastic, sports-applied, and game. All activities are divided into dynamic and static. 

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